Girl Meets WorldGirl Meets World, the highly anticipated sequel series to the immensely popular 90s family show Boy meets World, has not only been receiving positive reviews from critics lately—it’s been garnering some pretty great ratings for The Disney Channel, even though the show is a fairly big departure from the somewhat formulaic teen or pre-teen demographic shows currently airing on The Disney Channel. You can keep up with this great TV show online if you subscribe to a reliable cable Internet provider.

The show’s first episodes didn’t receive too much glowing praise—many critics and even fans thought that it felt a little too cheesy and immature. As the show has progressed over the last year, however, it has drastically improved in terms of quality and has subsequently been getting a lot more positive attention from television critics. Why does the show’s star keep getting brighter? Let’s look at some reasons why the show just keeps getting better—and better!

The old cast is returning (and it’s not hokey)

Girl Meets World CastFans have been clamoring for more actors from the original series to return to the show, despite the undercurrent of skepticism from many viewers who didn’t want to the show to suddenly turn into “Girl Meets Boy Meets World Reunion.”

As the show has gone on, more characters from the original series have made their appearances—from Cory’s parents and family to Shawn and even Mr. Feeny, Eric, Jack and Angela! The best part of these reappearances isn’t just that the old characters are there: it’s that the old characters are there without it feeling forced, hokey, or ridiculous. For example, Cory’s parents first reappeared during a holiday episode, the perfect time for a family reunion; and Mr. Feeny appeared after an episode about the loss of mentors and important people in life, which prompted Cory to call Mr. Feeny and ask him how he was doing. In other words: the way that the show is reintroducing these Boy Meets World characters feels natural and, most importantly, doesn’t overshadow the Girl Meets World-only characters.

Girl MeetsWorld TV SeriesThe episode themes are gradually becoming more mature

Another commonly laid criticism of the early episodes of Girl Meets World was that the themes weren’t as mature as the original series; however, it should be pointed out that Boy Meets World didn’t tackle particularly tough themes (such as the famous episodes about drunk driving, drugs, and physical abuse) with too much depth until the child actors were in their teens. Even though the main young actors on the show are barely a year older than they were when they started, Girl Meets World has already begun to handle more mature themes—such as death, divorce, jealousy, and so on.

The cast is more comfortable with one another

It can be difficult in any “family’ style show for the cast to be totally comfortable with each other when filming first begins—in fact, it’s only natural! Thankfully, as the series has progressed, the new Matthews family seems even more like a real family than before; and the great charisma between Riley and her friends has only grown as well.